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31 August 2023

Because Hunger Never Takes a Break!

With inflation-driven demand for food assistance continuing to rise and the return to school well underway, our network needs you!

That is why, from August 31 to September 6, a new campaign will be held across the SAQ store network. During the campaign, SAQ customers and all Quebecers are encouraged to support our cause at any of some 400 stores or online.

Different simple ways to help:

  • Buy a Quebec product – the SAQ will donate the equivalent of one meal to people in need;
  • Make a donation at the checkout counter of an SAQ store;
  • And, as always, buy an SAQ wrapping product because part of the proceeds goes directly to our network.


The involvement of SAQ store employees: key to the campaign’s success

“I’m delighted to maintain the SAQ’s historic commitment to the FBQ, currently standing at more than 14 years. I join all SAQ employees in continuing to support our corporate cause. For me, it is unthinkable that people living in 2023 are dealing with food insecurity. With the enthusiasm that drives all our in-store teams, I’m convinced we’ll succeed in making a difference and providing assistance to thousands of Quebecers.”

— Jacques Farcy, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ.

Invaluable support for the FBQ

“Year in, year out, we know we can count on committed partners like the SAQ and its employees and customers. The issue of food security is one that is very present in the province, and the involvement of the employees of the SAQ’s 400 stores will have positive consequences for each of the Moisson organizations across Quebec. Thank you to SAQ customers and to Quebecers for being so generous campaign after campaign.”

— Martin Munger, Executive Director of the FBQ.

Thank you to the SAQ for their strong support throught the years! Learn more