Food Donations

Our organization solicits food donations provincially and ensures they are shared equitably among the Moissons throughout Quebec, according to regional needs and realities. These foodstuffs come from agri-food companies, such as producers, processors and wholesalers.

The Moissons then offer food services or distribute the food to some 1,200 accredited local food assistance organizations, which accept any donation, according to their transportation and storage capacities. Every month, more than 670,000 Quebecers in need turn to our network for food.

Surplus Production and Dedicated Donations

Donating to the Food Banks of Quebec network is a reliable and secure way to dispose of surplus or to make a planned donation through dedicated production. In return, Food Banks of Quebec will:

  • Respond promptly to offers of food donations
  • Transport, handle, and store the merchandise in accordance with the rules of traceability, hygiene, and sanitation governing the food industry
  • Distribute, free of charge, the products received to member organizations
  • Administer food-sharing with efficiency, transparency and equity
  • Issue, upon request, tax receipts

Food donations can include perishable, non-perishable, frozen items, and other products resulting from:

  • Inventory surpluses
  • Packaging or labeling errors
  • Imperfections or slight recipe errors
  • Damage from shipping or handling
  • Shipping errors or returns
  • Production-line restarts
  • Imminent expiration dates
  • Dedicated production donations (can take many forms).

Donate Food Now

At any time, you can choose to make a donation by email by writing to us at

Please note that we only process donations of one pallet or more.

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By creating a donor account you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Track the progress of your donation from pick-up to redistribution
  • Know the quantities distributed in each region
  • Know the social and environmental impact of your donation through reports on CO2eq reduction and the number of meals distributed
  • Find out the monetary value of your donation
  • Make your donations online or offline by writing to

Smaller donations

You are an individual or a company with a small quantity of food to donate (less than a pallet)? Every gift makes a difference! We invite you to use our interactive map to find the organization closest to you to make the donation.